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Take the Bull by the Horns!

It’s sometimes a bit daunting to take on a new endeavor that promises to be a big-time player in your life. Tip-toeing around will cause you to lose. It’s far better to take the bull by the horns!

In life, we can learn from the activities of a Rodeo.  To take just one example let’s look at Steer Wrestling.

The Bull

Represents the transaction itself. Throwing the bull is closing the transaction.

The Cowboy

Represents the real estate agent or the investor


The cowboy has fear but has the courage to overcome it. He refuses to be intimidated.


Knows he can throw this bull no matter how big the bull is.


The cowboy knows he'll miss sometimes. It's unrealistic to think he can never miss. But, he'll immediately go after another bull!

Mental Toughness & Perseverance

Beats Talent, Intelligence, Education, Skill & Genetics!