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Compare Income properties objectively


Enter minimal information on the first page, and APODPlus calculates the performance measures and displays the results on the first page.  The Cash Flow page and the Sale page are generated completely automatically with no input on your part.

Build Better Deals

Build deals without necessarily lowering the price by doing a quick analysis of "What If" scenarios.  Determine the true dollar costs of each individual factor in a mortgage, or easily determine alternative rates of return so you make the right selection.


Designed with your time in mind. No excessive data entries needed. Find a leading property, the value of a property and other financial measures.  In minutes, you'll have the information you need to render an in-depth property analysis.

APODᴾˡᵘˢ = Annual Property Operating Data - Plus Much More!

The Fastest App to Evaluate Income Property

This app gets straight to the point and provides performance measures, such as NOI, CAP rate & Cash Flows, for any income property with the least amount of input time. Run “What If” scenarios, compare the IRR to an alternative rate of return and see the difference in a dollar value. Comparing properties is easy, fast, objective and accurate.


We'll help you take the guesswork out of buying and selling income properties, so you'll achieve high rates of return and cash flows!


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See What Our Users Are Saying...

I've been using this for years because of it's simplicity. Not a lot of extraneous information.. requested or given. Reasonably priced.
James G.
Sr. Assoc., CBRE
"I've learned more about analyzing properties by using APODplus because seeing the difference of how one variable changes another is sometimes counter intuitive. APODplus paid for itself after my first transaction and I acquired my next few clients because of it."
Joe C.
Agent, Griffis Realty Investments
"APODplus is a nice alternative to the larger, more granular analysis platforms. It provides a comprehensive performance snapshot that allows me to evaluate an asset in a couple of minutes."
Jason G.
Director, Cushman & Wakefield
"Being in the industry for 12+ years and working with many different financial softwares, APODplus has proven to be the best software package I have worked with for quick and accurate results."
Jeff S.
Broker, Griffis Realty Investments

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